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Albert Remembers: A Christmas Poem

Albert rests in his chair before the fire, the logs aflame

and he remembers his Grace, who died on this day

and he remembers the memories, resplendent in thought

and he forgets


Albert sits in his chair and watches the flames dance

the radio sings bells and choirs and the night begins

and Albert nibbles at a mince pie and sips at his milk

his pale, wrinkled hand holding the glass fondly

his eyes never leave the fire for he is remembering

the eves of Christmas long ago

and he remembers the laughter, the singing and games

and he remembers his Grace, who cooked like no other

and he forgets


Albert sits until the clock chimes twelve and he shuffles

over to the radio

he switches it off and silence echoes through the house

and Albert goes back to his chair and sleeps

and he dreams of his Grace

he dreams of their son, who Grace loved so dearly

he dreams of their daughter, who Grace taught so well

he dreams of their grandchildren who Grace comforted through sleepless nights

and Albert forgets these dreams


Albert wakes to the sunrise on Christmas morning

sunbeam glows gently on the frosted windows

his tree is bare and vacant beneath but

Albert is surrounded by love

his grandchildren

his daughter

his son

and his Grace

and they are warm and they make his heart swell and he cries in delight

“My loves, my loves are home!”

but then they are gone

and he tries to remember the family he’s lost

and he tries to remember where they have gone

and he forgets


“Grandpa wake up!” shrieks little Gracie “Father Christmas has been, look Grandpa, look!”

And Albert remembers that although he forgets

his family do not


His family will never forget

Christmas is all about family. Love them and cherish them as if each day was their last, because one day it will be. Make happy memories that will last forever and spread the love and joy that everybody deserves.

Nightingales Care wishes you all a very happy Christmas. We also want to thank our incredible carers, and carers everywhere, for working so hard throughout the Christmas period as if it was just another day at the office. And thank you to our Nurses and Doctors and Police Officers and Fire-fighters and to everybody else who works hard to keep us safe and happy during Christmas. Our thoughts are with you and we are incredibly grateful. Thank you, everybody!

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